Transitions. Transitions Everywhere.

I just came back from a 3-day leaders’ camp of our church.

I still have a couple of weeks left before I bid farewell to the ministry that I loved for more than 6 years already-the youth. You see, I got saved when I was a freshman in college and I’m really grateful I’ve been part of the youth ministry. It’s radically different to see young men and women hyped up preaching the gospel to their classmates and friends, and that includes me. I experienced reaching out to different levels of people inside the campus: From jejemons to atheists to gangsters to frat leaders to bratinelas to scholars and to other sort of students we can find in a university. Our small group even went to the trouble of playing in a battle of the bands just to reach out to our classmates. I called it trouble because we don’t even play musical instruments at the first place. We became illogical and unreasonable for the sake of the gospel. But it was all worth it. Seeing your classmates’ hands raised and responding to the altar call is priceless.

And then I graduated. I landed a job. My time frame is now different from the one I used to have. My environment is different, too. The people. The place. The career. You know it-I’m transitioning.

You may be asking, “Erikson, Why are you posting a blog about this? This is common sense. Everybody undergoes the process of transition. EVERY. ONE.”

Not in the culture where I grew up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my spiritual family, but just like any other team, It has its own lapses. For my environment, transitioning is a big deal. Young Professionals get stuck. I’ve seen the result over and over to many who didn’t transition: they get burned-out and become insecure. But when you finally realized that things need to change, you have to step out in faith and step up to the singles group, not because you can’t relate with the youth and certainly not because you don’t fit in the group anymore but because YOU HAVE TO. You have to grow in your walk with God. You have a new season, and every new season is a gift. You can’t go to next chapter of the novel if you’re always reading chapter 1.

This change will also affect my blog. I’m exploring my artsy side now, so most of the time I’ll be posting about the products of my creative junk.

And I pray that I may help other young professionals too with their new season and in their walk with God.

And Oh,

OMG. Did I just wrote a full article in straight English?! Buhay ang Panginoon!

See you sa next blog! Wuhoo!


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