On Leadership

We’re currently on our Radical series, and this week’s topic is about Leadership. I know that I still have a lot to learn in this area so here are some thoughts from our friends and leaders about leadership.


“We’re not called to do, but to be.”

Robert Gonzalez

Lifebox Campus Minister, Victory Fort


“It’s not really about the position but leadership is about being an example or model to other people. Leading like Jesus.”

Randy Camba

University of Makati


“Leadership is simply having the commitment to walk with someone even if they have a messed up life, the diligence to listen to God, the willingness to be misunderstood, be called the “villain” or the bad cop in times when you have to teach them or rebuke, that constant reminder and pointing to Jesus.”

Babes Bato

Lifebox Campus Minister, Victory Fort


“Kapag kailangan na mag-sacrifice, i-o-offer niya ang sarili niya, He let other lead others, and just always there to guide and be a friend at all times.”

Garfield Zabala

University of Makati


 “As God has called to lead the lost, patience will get in because we really have to wait for a person to grow, aminin man natin, it is not easy to deal with the issues of people God has made us accountable to.”

Rachelle Dilla

University of Makati


“Leadership is a calling.”

James Macariola

Lifebox Campus Minister, Victory Fort


“A leader’s heart is to lead his people to be better person than him.”

Jake Olisa

Victory Fort


“A leader make others significant and depends on the grace of God.”

Sacha Ellorda

Asia Pacific College


“Ang isang lider ay walang favoritism. Parehas lang ang pagtrato niya sa lahat, matagal ng nag-aattend ng church o bago pa lang.”

Jemelyn Mariñas

University of Makati


“Real leadership selflessly thinks of the people he governs and pursues what is right and favorable in God’s sight.”

Junize San Diego

Jose Rizal University


“Leadership is being able to serve other people sacrificially and wholeheartedly.”

Yhe Dorado

University of Makati


“Leadership is simply putting the needs of others above your own.”

Reysalyn Abapial

University of Makati


“It is having character & a different spirit that leads and guide other people.”

Bev Dating

Far Eastern University


“A leader knows how to serve those he is leading, and will be by your side helping, encouraging, and will be fighting your battle with you.”

Paula Garcia

Asia Pacific College


“Leadership is everyone’s calling. it involves our obedience and faith.”

Erica Gonzaga

Polytechnic University of the Philippines


“A Leader is the one who can stand in his decicion. A true leader is serving and not being served.”

Lester Correa

Lifebox Campus Minister, Victory Fort


“It is denying yourself of the crowd and not taking credit for yourself, but for the entire group.”

Paolo Nico Diomampo

University of Makati


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